Dean's welcome

Keményfi Róbert

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Debrecen

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Debrecen is home to a great variety of institutes and departments all devoted to excellence in education and research. Our students may learn about the linguistic, literary, historical and cultural heritage of universal human culture and also acquire skills that enable them to pass this knowledge on to future generations. The Faculty is an important center of the humanities regionally and being aware of its social responsibilities it offers a wonderful diversity of options for students while maintaining a high standard in education and scholarship. The wide range of programs provide knowledge and skills for students that help them enter the world of work and start professional careers successfully. We offer degrees ranging from the Bachelor’s to the Ph.D. level in all areas of the humanities for students and future teachers who may rely on the knowledge acquired here during their entire life.
We strive to cherish and preserve those values that have come to characterize the faculty during its history reaching back more than a hundred years and we also protect and pass on the cultural heritage of century in the BA and MA programs, as well as the traditional undivided (combined BA and MA) programs. We offer the widest range of languages and cultures to be studied both as majors and as part of foreign language courses. Teaching Chinese, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Ancient Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish is just as much part of our daily educational activities as the introduction of Hungarian culture to international students.
We believe that the scholarly achievements of our academicians, professors, and faculty members continue to contribute to the positive reputation and recognition of the Faculty of Humanities both in and outside Hungary, just as they did in the past. These values serve as a strong foundation and with the cooperation of faculty members, staff, and students we may successfully maintain a strong position in humanities education that reflects traditions and modernity, the past and the future simultaneously.
I invite you to browse our website to learn more about our programs, courses offered, impressive scholarly activities, and the daily life of the Faculty.


Róbert Keményfi

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